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Shenyang Great Elites Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Shenyang GREAT ELITES Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with professional intelligent biopharmaceutical equipment production and packing machines overall solutions. It involves biopharmaceutical, food and drug industries and realizes digital and intelligent production workshops. Strict project control and high-quality after-sales service solve the pain points in the production process for customers, and greatly improve the production efficiency and process safety.

Our company has rich experience in biopharmaceutical equipments and packing machines manufacturing, professional technical R & D team, familiar with biopharmaceutical production process,packing machine lines and rich experience in biopharmaceutical equipment  and packing machine installation and commissioning. The main products include CFAM cell factory automation production equipment, cell factory automation workstation, Cell microscope observation equipment, Vaccine culture equipment,liquid packing machine ,powder packing machine ,granule packing machine ,blister packing machine,oral liquid packaging machine,food and drug packaging production line, robot stacking and destacking system, etc.

CFAM series cell factory automation equipment has been put into vaccine production projects for many times. It has the advantages of flexibility, high efficiency, stability and high cleanliness level. It is suitable for enterprises producing vaccines in large quantities. Cell microscope observation equipment can be connected with CFAM series cell factory to realize the perfect combination of cell culture observation.

Our packaging machines are exported to various countries overseas.

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