Application scenario of cell factory

Application scenario of cell factory


Application scenario of cell factory

The technology of large-scale cell culture refers to the technology of artificially controlling environmental conditions and high-density large-scale culture of useful microorganisms, animals and plant cells. It is the basis for large-scale proliferation of new cells obtained by gene recombination, cell fusion and other technologies in food, medicine and other industrial production. Cell factories are suitable for such industrial batch production, laboratory operation and large-scale cell culture, It is the ideal choice for our enterprise to carry out large-scale training.

The cell factory is composed of one or more layers. The common layers include 1, 2, 5, 10, 40, etc. It is mainly applicable to the culture of adherent cells. To expand its training scale, we can increase the number of floors. This training method can maximize the use of space, save workshop space, and save manpower and material resources.

In industry, cell factories are widely used in mass production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceutical industry. Common animal cells through large-scale culture include chicken embryo fibroblasts, primary hamster kidney cells and other primary cells, as well as human diploid cells, CHO cells, Vero cells, etc. These cells are widely used in vaccine production, monoclonal antibody preparation, erythropoietin and other products.

In addition, large-scale cell culture through cell factories can reduce the number of cell culture devices and the risk of cell pollution. It is an efficient cell culture consumable and is favored by many scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises.

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